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In order for us to serve the needs of all our students, it is important that we have an accurate picture of which work students are completing from their online learning assignments and how frequently students are getting their work done. 

K0/K1: Ms. Toni 


K2: Ms. Hogan 


1st: Ms. Raposa


2nd: Mr. Appel 


3rd: Ms. Derivois 


4th: Ms. Passero

5th: Ms. Small 

6th: Ms. Mathurin


ESL: Mr. Ken

ESL: Ms. Wong


ESL: Ms. Truehart

Resource Room: Ms. Wilkins

Art: Ms. Cummings


Science & Technology Support: Mr. Martin

P.E.: Coach Francois

School Psychologist: Ms. Joseph

Family Liaison: Ms. Torres

Secretary: Ms. Carrie

Online Resources & Login Information
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