Community Partnerships

At the Roger Clap Elementary, we work with a variety of community partnerships within Boston to offer our students and their families opportunities to support them. These partnerships provide students with the foundation to be successful in and out of the classroom. Many of these opportunities support the rigorous curriculum followed within the classroom. 

These partnerships include: 

  • Strong Women, Strong Girls:

The Strong Women, Strong Girls (SWSG) is a nonprofit organization championing the next generation of female leaders through our innovative, multi-generational mentoring programs. As we foster a strong female community, SWSG is building a brighter, broader future for all girls and women.

Winning Every Student is a Non-Profit organization which offers tutoring, mentoring and intervention for students so that they may Win in every area of their life.

The Home for Little Wanderers helps build stable lives and hopeful futures for children who are abused, neglected or at-risk.

We believe that every member of the community is worth fighting for – and believing in. With more than 30 years of experience, South Bay continues to build upon our reputation as a leader and innovator in behavioral health care by constantly evolving our programs to meet the changing needs of local and state agencies, schools, hospitals, underserved families, children and at-risk adults.

 Catie’s Closet give students living in poverty the ability to discreetly pick and choose the clothing and basic necessities they need, and are proud to wear.

Navigation Games is a non-profit with the mission of creating fun, educational, and active outdoor experiences through the sport of orienteering. We believe orienteering is one of the best ways to not only encourage physical activity for youth, but also to provide opportunities to develop important life skills. We love working with educators to implement orienteering in schools and youth-serving organizations.

BalletRox provides structured, multi-year dance programs for young people in Boston Public Schools and in our community program with pathways to mastery of dance and development of leadership skills.

Boston Music Project (BMP) is a creative youth development program committed to ensuring the long-term social and musical success of urban youth by nurturing individual expression, celebrating unique cultures, and developing life skills through quality education and performance. 

The Mary May Binney Wakefield Arboretum provides educational opportunities, tours, presentations, workshops, hands-on training, internships and other programs covering a variety of subjects, including local history, ecology, horticulture, agriculture, archival work and historic preservation.

Nestled in the heart of Boston, Community Boating’s nationally recognized Universal Access Program allows individuals to take responsibility for their learning, push themselves to overcome challenges, and experience the freedom sailing offers.

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