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At the Clap, we believe that all students are intellectual sense-makers and should be treated as such through provided academic and/or socio-emotional supports to push academic independence and build confidence in each student’s ability to succeed. We will use these tools to ignite a curiosity to grow and promote the development of lifelong, independent learners.

Carolyn Allston, Principal

Ms. Allston has demonstrated culturally sustaining practices in all aspects of her work, instructionally and in her collaboration with families. She has served as a school administrator at the Harvard-Kent Elementary School, as well as a special education and general education teacher at the Dearborn STEM Academy.

A Boston native, she attended Boston Latin Academy for middle school and high school. She brings with her a keen knowledge of the district and its schools, along with profound empathy for teachers and the work we do in schools each day.

Ms. Allston has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Hampton University in Virginia and a master’s in education from UMass Boston.

Carolyn Allston


Roger Clap Elementary School

Meet Our Teachers

Ms. Small 

5th Grade Teacher

Ms. Gittens 

5th Grade Para

Ms. Derivois 

3rd Grade Teacher

Ms. D 

3rd Grade Para


1st Grade Teacher

Ms. Britto 

1st Grade Para

Ms. Toni 

K1 Teacher

Ms. Headley 

K1 Para

Ms. Truehart 

Resource Room Teacher

Mr. Martin 

Science Teacher

Ms. Cummings

Art Teacher

Ms. Diana 

Community Field Coordinator

Ms. Wong

ESL Teacher

Mr. Ken 

ESL Teacher

Ms. Keogh 

4th Grade Teacher

Ms. Lily

4th Grade Para

Mr. Appel  

2nd Grade Teacher

Mr. Akers 

2nd Grade Para

Mrs. Hogan 

K2 Teacher

Ms. Fantasia 

K2 Para

Nurse Andus 

School Nurse

Ms. Boston 

Special Ed. Coordinator

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