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Arrival & Dismissal Procedures for Returning Students

This week we are eager to welcome back more students for in-person learning. Please ensure your student brings their computer and charger each day to in-person learning. To ensure the safety of our community, all students will be following social distancing guidelines. Students who arrive by bus will enter and exit through the main entrance. Students who are dropped off or picked up, will enter and exit through the playground doors. Students can be dropped off between 9:20 and 9:30 and pick up time starts at 4:00pm. 


For families dropping students off on their first day of in-person learning members of the Roger Clap community will be present at the playground to answer questions and provide any support. This will also be an opportunity for families to connect with each other! We will respect all social distancing guidelines by wearing masks and maintaining our distance. 


As a means of keeping students and staff healthy and safe, visitors - including parents or caregivers - will not be allowed to enter BPS school buildings for any purpose other than to drop off or pick up their student(s).


Students will go home with Emergency Cards to be filled out. Please return these completed forms as soon as possible so we have all the information needed to reach you. Reach out to our school with any questions. 617-635-8672


We appreciate your continued support, patience, and partnership as we continue to center love and learning this year. 

About the Roger Clap Elementary School

Welcome to the Roger Clap Elementary School! We are excited to welcome you and your family to our school community.

At the Roger Clap Elementary School, excellence is the standard. Our school is determined to provide all of our students with an equal opportunity to learn. Our school is made up of a diverse group of students and staff members that are hard working members of the Boston community. 

At the Roger Clap Elementary, we educate students from K1 to Sixth Grade. Our students are provided with great opportunities that allow them to be successful in and out of school. Community partners and organizations include: BOKS, Catie's Closet, Home for Little Wanderers, South Bay Community Services, Upham's Corner Library, BASE and more!

Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of experiences outside of the classroom including Hale Reservation, Museum of Science, Boston Children's Museum, Microsoft, and more!

Vision Statement

Regardless of his or her socio-economic, linguistic and academic history, each student is educated to the highest level through a rigorous and comprehensive curriculum. We also educate students to become knowledgeable of, civically engaged in, and involved in the service of their school, the local community, and the global community. We do this not just through our curriculum, but by field trips, community service, and our bi-weekly Town Hall Meetings with inspirational members of the local community.

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